Austin Texas Engagement : Bethany and Victor

May 29, 2018

Bethany and Victor celebrated their engagement on the enchanting shores of the San Gabriel River. 

We started their session covered by a canopy of decades old cypress trees, strolling around the neighborhood where Victor grew up, and where he took Bethany out for the first time. Walking through the neighborhood with the couple I could see the excitement on Bethany’s face!  She excitedly retold the story of the self-guided boat tour that Victor took her on for their magical first date. Hearing that story and watching as Bethany pointed out all the old sights from that tour was so heartwarming!  After many years of being together, her love for Victor was still so apparent!  The imprint of that first date still visible in Bethany’s dancing eyes as she excitedly told me the story!  It’s so amazingly sweet that Victor and Bethany got to experience their engagement shoot on the same property that they had their first date, an amazing and complete full circle!

Bethany was beautiful in her flowing cream colored gown.  Highlighted with a unique Emerald ring that Victor gave her on a California beach when he proposed to her. I loved watching them laugh together during the shoot!  They are truly any photographer’s dream couple, warmly embracing and showcasing unbelievably truthful, loving emotions towards each other.  

I had such a wonderful time getting to know the both of them.  Victor’s love of history was palpable as he pointed out the Native American sights of Westlake.  It also easy to see the similar love of nature that Bethany and Victor share as they excitedly showed off all the surrounding natural beauty of the neighborhood. I got the added bonus of meeting both of their parents and being warmly welcomed into their beautiful home.  I could tell that Victor’s parents and he both share a deep affinity for nature.  They took such great joy in highlighting all the amazing old trees surrounding the property and neighborhood and I loved seeing the sights! 

I’m super excited about their upcoming wedding at Star Hill Ranch in the Fall, it’s going to be such an amazing fairy tale night!