Bride and groom portraits in Krause Springs

June 7, 2019

Tammy and Eric chose to have their bride and groom portraits in the beautiful Hill Country haven of Krause Springs. For Tammy it was a return to a familiar place where childhood memories we’re made.  Krause Springs provided us with an amazing blend of natural beauty in the form of massive centuries old cypress trees (think California Redwoods) and outstanding manmade art like the huge wind chimes that hang in the garden. Tammy and Eric, thank you so much for allowing me to share in this happy and beautiful moment with you guys!

Raquel Davidowitz-Krause-Springs-Couples-Session-224.jpg
Raquel Davidowitz-Krause-Springs-Couples-Session-249.jpg
Raquel Davidowitz-Krause-Springs-Couples-Session-253.jpg
Raquel Davidowitz-Krause-Springs-Couples-Session-4.jpg
Raquel Davidowitz-Krause-Springs-Couples-Session-222.jpg