Beautiful Intimate Wedding in Downtown Georgetown, TX

May 19, 2019

Kay Leigh, Omari, and Mavis, I was so unbelievably happy and touched to get the opportunity to shoot your intimate and loving wedding ceremony. Surrounded by your amazingly warm and caring family we got the perfect break in the weather to celebrate and share your love. I would also be remiss if I didn’t point out how magnificently beautiful you looked in your gorgeous wedding dress Kay Leigh, and Omari, that was by far one of my favorite suits ever, talk about color coordination!

It was incredibly easy for all those in attendance to see and feel the love that you share with each other (baby!), but what was even more present was the amazing family that the three of you make. I would have to say some of my absolutely favorite moments were you both reciting your touching and emotional vows, when Omari embraced Mavis after the ceremony and I was able to get some wonderful candid shots showcasing a father’s love for his daughter, and Kay Leigh directing Mavis with some off camera posing, it was so spectacularly touching. You all make such a perfect family!

It was also a wonderful gift to be able to join you for the festivities after the ceremony and getting the opportunity to chat with your amazing family. Everyone was just so warm and welcoming and it was a pure joy to get to know everyone, Omari, your Mom is awesome! Thank you all so much for allowing me to capture these beautiful images of your awe-inspiring love!
Raquel Davidowitz-Kay-Leigh-Georgetown-Wedding-1.jpg
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